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ESA_InTouch_LogogreyNEWThe ESAintouch project aims to stimulate the development of an ESA tool to provide an interactive, intuitive and integrated overview of ESA’s major missions and achievements, as well as its future goals and on-going activities. In order to raise the awareness of ESA’s projects, a programming competition for ESA’s next generation mobile application was launched in 2015. From a total of 60 registrations, 18 letters of intent and 6 working prototypes, a final winner has been selected to potentially represent ESA on all mobile devices as the ESAintouch application

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Emilus IT
Engine Room
The Space Incisors

The Team

Friedrich Richter linkedin-logo-3 Daniel Schultzlinkedin-logo-3
Earth Observation Programme GNSS Evolution Programme
Francois Carreaulinkedin-logo-3 Carmen de Andréslinkedin-logo-3
Safety and Security Section Communication Office

We are a team of four space enthusiasts currently and formerly working at ESA. Affected by the idea to bring the excitements of space to the broad community we are eager to push an interactive app to explore, play and learn about ESA’s activities.