Rules for Participation

  1. Groups of 1 to 3 members
  2. Minimum age of 18 of at least one member
  3. At least one member has to hold a European citizenship
  4. Letter of intent and approach (1-2 pages)
  5. The group should be aware of the requirements found at Specifications.

All successful registrations receive a free ESA merchandise package

Milestones of competition

  1. Registration has to be completed and letter of intent sent until the deadline (01.04.2016, extended until the 15.04.2016) to receive the registration package and be considered during the competition
  2. A proof of concept should be delivered in form of a first working prototype (31.05.2016)
  3. With the feedback from the second milestone, the prototype needs to be finalized and should contain the major features listed in the specifications (31.07.2016)
  4. The winners are announced in August